Our mission is to provide the highest quality professional trucking, logistic and warehousing services to our customers in the most consistent, efficient and affordable manner. Our commitment to personal service will be accomplished by effectively combining and managing our key resources – creative & professional personnel, experience and latest technology. We will always make sure to satisfy our client's needs.

When ARCTIC TRANSPORTATION was founded in 2013, our goal was to create a freight brokerage that would be an industry leader through an excellent service commitment to our customers. We have grown bit by bit, through hard work and dedication.

ARCTIC TRANSPORT is not your regular freight company; we invest in our people, we work as a team, we always make sure we perform at our highest ability and ALWAYS make sure our clients are satisfied. We recruit and hire professional individuals only, that know how to deliver a quality service, for you. With our company-owned trucks as well as our freight broker service, our trucking company can provide trucking services to meet any customer’s needs. Whether you are an individual buyer who needs one time service or a major industrial shipper needing frequent freight shipping services, we can help.