Really unprofessional

I was hired right out of school, with barely any experience, I was told they would start training me, well after the first trip i got home and was told i needed to come back to watch safety videos. I came in monday prepared to watch the videos and was told I was being let go for “lack of experience”. Then every time I asked about when I could get my check, the only response I would get was, that’s not my department. The accountant was 10 feet away from where I was trying to get ahold of. Kelli said she was “busy”, but she always has time to talk to her boyfriend who also works there as a driver. This company I would not recommend to anybody. Also you are an independant contractor. You are liable for taxes and workers comp on your own.

Bad driver

Is it common for your drivers to speed, bob and weave through traffic, and cut people off, almost taking their front bumper off without even using a turn signal? That is not very smart behavior for someone with their company logo on the side of the vehicle. White sedan, noon, Friday 2-28-20, got off at the Sunset exit of eastbound I-90. Whoever that was really doesn’t care about their own job, let alone the reputation of their company.

Fantastic experience

This is a great company to work with, all across the board. The owner has been a customer at our dealership for a few years now and knows most of the staff personally. Exceptional experience everytime he or any of the drivers come in.

I currently work here and

I currently work here and all the people are friendly. Definitely earn every dollar you work for…great part time job!!